Due to the number of shares some of my articles have received, I'm sure I'll never know every place they've been published.  However, here are a few I'm especially proud of and active on.

Did you know I'm an approved Huffington Post Blogger? I haven't used their page in a while, but here's what they've published that belongs to me.

One of the places I'm most proud of is The Good Men Project, where I was given my start as a writer, then lead editor. It was those folks who encouraged me to become an advocate for the mentally ill.  There are around 100 pieces up there written by me, ranging from things like parenting to advertising.  However, my primary focus has always been about telling my depression story.  A comprehensive list of what I've done for them can be found here.

I can't say I started the "Dad's aren't babysitters" movement, but I wrote a piece that certainly gained it some more attention.  Yahoo Parenting picked it up and ran it here.

The Mighty found me and reprinted a few of my favorites here.