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I'm a mental health advocate, writer, and photographer. My passion is helping people through my own art and experience.




About Me

In August of 2014, I returned to writing, something I've loved since grade school but never took the time to do once I graduated from University. A friend was an editor for The Good Men Project, and she was actively searching for contributors. Until then, I'd never written a blog or taken writing seriously. The first piece, about my daughter and dating, awakened something within me.

Since then, I've published dozens of pieces on mental health, my own depression and anxiety, parenting, music, and sexism in advertising. At the end of August, 2017, I came full circle. I quit my job and dedicated myself to making a living from the words that sometimes crowd my mind and speaking to teens and adults about mental health. I'm here to change the conversation, to drive it in a new direction and hopefully pull a few people from the darkness.
We talk so much about the struggle of mental illness. We make it into a war, every day an endless battle. Aggression is exhausting, and maybe it's time to rethink how we frame the conversation. Lets make it about acceptance and healing. Maybe we can change the world together.
Mental Musings and Messy Minds